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How to release resources that hadn't released by USDPAA application

Question asked by Tuan Nguyen on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2016 by Tuan Nguyen

Hello everyone,


I'm developing usdpaa-apps using usdpaa sources from QorIQ SDK 2.0, my apps is based on reflector demo source. And my problem is when applications got a crash, then it isn't correctly release resources and make a leak. After many times crash it became out of resources and can not start. So have any way to manual (or auto) release resources after got a leak.

Kernel log after leak:

USDPAA process leaking 118 FQIDs

USDPAA process leaking 3 BPIDs

USDPAA process leaking 4 QPOOLs


qman_retire_fq failed on FQ 0x5f, result=0xf2

qman_retire_fq failed on FQ 0x5f, result=0xf2

FQID range [95..95] (1) has 1 leaks