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HD video 720p and 1080p slow motion

Question asked by Joy Lin on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by Victor Linnik

Hi All,


The browser cannot play youtube HD video.

Browser play youtube 720p video like playing in slow-motion till the end of video on imx6q-sabresd with android5.1.1 Linux 3.14.52.The cpu usage is 85%~100%. The Chrome v54.0.2840.68 play 720p and 1080p  slowly, too.

The option of Browser in AndroidManifest.xml android:hardwareAccelerated = true already.
Browser playing vimeo 720p video is good.
The 720p video from SD-card plays well and the cpu usage is less than 20%.


What problem of browser playing HD video?
Any suggestion for improve playing youtube HD video by Browser are very welcome.