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What are the voltage levels for detecting logical low/high on the MKE04P80M48SF0?

Question asked by Marcus Aaltonen on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by EARL GOODRICH

Reading the datasheet i can see that the voltage levels are suppose to be: (column 6 is min and 8 max)

Which means i should detect a low under 5V*0.35 = 1.75V and a high over 5V*0.65 = 3.25V

and the hysteresis 5V*0.06 = 0.3V 


When i did my own measurements i got the following:

High to low : 2.26V

Low to high: 2.76V

Hysteresis: 0.5V


Neither of my results agree with the datasheet. Am I interpreting the datasheet wrong? Did i configure the port wrong?

The voltages was measured with a DMM at the pin on the uC and a program with just reads out the register status.