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s32k144 FTM0 interrupt

Question asked by Tommy Svensson on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by Petr Stancik



Im using S32 sdk ear 0.8.1 and fsl_interrupt_manager to install a interrupt handler for FTM0. And it works.


But a comment in S32K1xx_DMA_Interrupt_mapping.xlsm makes me confused.

NVIC interrupt id 42, which the sdk uses, is marked as Reserved and has comment "was FTM0".


1) What does this mean? Will this interrupt not be available/usable in a future revision of s32k144?

2) The SDK does not expose interrupt id 104 (FTM0: Counter overflow). IRQn_Type only defines id up to 98.

3) I would like some guidens  on how to proceed. Can I ignore this issue or will a future SDK fix this?