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How to stop camera display when recoding use gstreamer,how to get EOS when stop recoding

Question asked by 万里 陈 on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by 万里 陈


I use IMX6Q Ltib

I work is capture usb camera ,display and recording use gstreamer 0.10

usr tee element separation v4l2src source element ,and then


and respectively link ,

gst_element_link_many(v4l2src,tee,NULL) != TRUE ||
     gst_element_link_many(disqueue,mfw_v4lsink,NULL) != TRUE ||
     gst_element_link_many(ffmpegcolorspace,savequeue,vpuenc,avimux,filesink,NULL) !=TRUE

now i can play,but ,i can't when display stop recoding ,when recoding stop display


and other  question ,when i play my recoded with glay the can't play ,but play in windows, so i think i need add EOS message but i don't know how to add 


thanks  very much