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T2080 Serdes Assignment

Question asked by xiaopeng ma on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by ufedor

There is a note at the beginning of the table.

"When selecting protocols from the table below, there is a restriction to choose
the supported protocol combinations by line (SerDes 1 and
SerDes 2 together), for example SRDS_PRCTL_S1= A2 can
ONLY be combined with SRDS_PRTCL_S2= 16."

So I choose SRDS_PRCTL_S1 = 0x6D and  SRDS_PRTCL_S2 = 0x2D.

But in QCVS,there is only SRDS_PRCTL_S1 = 0x6C option.

I can only choose SRDS_PRCTL_S1 = 0x6C and  SRDS_PRTCL_S2 = 0x2D.

Is it correct?

In addition,there is a warning reffer to A-007186 on SRDS_PRCTL_S1 in QCVS.
I have checked that A-007186 is reffer to SRIO 2.5 Gbaud or 5 Gbaud.
What does it mean?