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Using the New Clocks Tool to configure a custom K24F board with a 32 MHz external crystal.

Question asked by Peter Furey on Oct 28, 2016
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I'm trying to configure a custom K24F based board with a 32 MHz external crystal using the new clock configuration tool (KExTools v2.0). I'm using KDS v3.2 with KSDK v2.0 and I can get a useable configuration using the FEI mode but I want to use the external crystal. I'm currently trying the attached configuration. The crystal is attached to the board using Connection type 1 (Figure 26-2 from K24P144M120SF5RM.pdf).

All of the relevant register settings look like I would expect them to be, however, when I try to run with this configuration the application hangs in fsl_clock.c: CLOCK_SetExternalRefClkConfig() at


Waiting for the OSCINIT0 bit to get set. When I put a probe on EXTAL0 and XTAL0 I see no activity, both low. We also tried swapping out the 32MHz crystal with a 8MHz crystal (and different connection types) and got the same results. I've also tried all of the other external MCG modes with no luck either. The crystal we're using is ECX-53B SMD Quartz Crystal, part number ECS-320-8-30B.  Any suggestions on what else to try or ideas on what the problem might be?


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