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RD-KL25-AGMO01 Board

Question asked by Franz Haser on Oct 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by Franz Haser
I have purchased an RD-KL25-AGMO01 board.
I am a complete beginner. My english is also not particularly i work with a translator.
I would like to use this board as data logger, the logged data should be stored on the MicroSD memory card in the .CVS format. The log speed should be adjustable every 1 sec - 10 sec the recording should take 1 - 3 days.
First I thought that with this board a software for the setting of the parameters is delivered, but the board has arrived without software.
The indicated internet site is no longer available Freescal ........
The pages of NPX which are displayed are very extensive.
Some things I've already tasted.
When the battery is connected, the LED lights up after a short time.
LED at movement white, while holding RGB
Different boot loader I tried different firmware I tried.
Open SDA, and MBED .....
Unfortunately I get with no software any connection to the board.
Only the program Kinetis_Interface_Tool_v2 I get via the mbed com interface to the board, unfortunately the software is very badly described.
I would like to try the tool Using the Generic Datalogger for Sensor Data Analytics (Generic Data Logger) also unfortunately I do not know how, also this description is very gaps.
After the download of KL25-AGMP01-GEN-DATA-LOG.RAR orZIP and unpacking the same get it no further.
My computer reports the only executable file DataLogger.exe
That this file is no executable file Win32 application.
Is another software required?
Is there a simple solution for my requirement?
I look forward to your reply.
Best regards Franz Haser