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How to configure LS1046ARDB Linux for DHCP and DNS

Question asked by Sabine Schnabeltier on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by Hunter Ware

Just setting up a LS1046ARDB to connect to internet. Board boots into Linux from flash drive to a filesystem extracted from fsl-image-full-ls1046ardb-20161022011454.rootfs.tar.gz. Have an internet router connected to RGMII1 port.


Added the following to the end of /etc/network/interfaces:

auto fm1-mac3
iface fm1-mac3 inet dhcp


After reboot, the board successfully obtains an IP address for the fm1-mac3 interface from the router.


Unfortunately, it does not configure the board's DNS automatically, even though it does save in /etc/resolvconf/run/interface/fm1-mac3 the nameserver it fetched from the router.


What else do I need to do to get DNS set up?