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I2C Hang issue in LPC2364

Question asked by Neethu G Prem on Oct 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2016 by Neethu G Prem
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Hi All,


We are using I2C1,and I2C0 in LPC 2364 for connecting 4 devices.

RTC and EEPROM are connected to I2C1 which is mentioned as not open drain in datasheet.


The controller and all the interfaces were working properly without any issue when we programmed it initially.

But gradually the performance of the controller is decaying, as the I2C1 is hanging and not responding.

Now we observed that the I2C1 SDA pin (P0.0-Pin 46) is not even toggling as a normal GPIO. And seems like the pin is damaged.


      Is there any issue if more than one devices are connected to the I2C1 bus, as it is not an open drain configuration.?

      Is there any issue if internal pull up is enabled?

      Is there any thing to be taken care in software level when using an 12C pin which is not in an open drain configuration?


        Kindly help me to resolve the issue..