Bertrand DOSDA

Limp mode mcf5329

Discussion created by Bertrand DOSDA on Jun 27, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2008 by Chris Johns

    I want to change the PLL of my mcf5329 in my cfg file  :

writemem.w 0xFC0A0010 0x10F1;    Limp ON
delay 1000
writemem.l 0xFC0C000C 0x78;            PLL;
delay 1000
writemem.w 0xFC0A0010 0x00F1;     Limp OFF
delay 1000

But the debuger crah  with this explanation:

writemem erro: writemem.b 0xFC0C000C 0x78 failed.

if someone could help me