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Hot to properly configure NFC_LDD driver to work with MT29F2G16 NAND FLASH memory (custom board with K61 MCU) ?

Question asked by Maciej Wdowiarz-Bilski on Oct 28, 2016



I have custom board with Kinetis MK61 MCU working with different external peripherals, one of them is external NAND Flash memory MT29F2G16.

Using PE software with MQX 4.2 I've configured component NFC_LDD to handle this Flash memory. That is, in NFC_LDD's properties I have Interrupt service/event enabled. The memory organization and Pins layout are configured properly according to board specs (actually it is default setup).

Then, I have used code from NFC_LDD's component manual's Typical Usage section.


In code, there is sequence, where component is initialized and later on, reset.

While the initialization goes w/o any errors, the reset command hangs.

After debugging, I noticed there are no interrupts working.


Neither the method-event NFC_OnCmdDone() is never being called, nor the parent NFC_Interrupt() is being called.


In MK61 Properties, in CPU interrupts/resets tab, I have only NMI_interrupt enabled.

What could be the reason for NFC_LDD interrupt not working ?


Thank you,

Maciej Wdowiarz-Bilski