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Programming 4367 on pcb

Question asked by Dimitris Sideris on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2016 by jeremyzhou

Hi there,


I need some help for programming an lpc4367 mounted on a custom pcb.


I am currently using an swd 10-pin connector and trying to program and debug the above chip.

I am using an lpcxpresso 4367 dev board and set the jumpers so that i can program and debug an external mcu.


When i debug the process finishes normally without errors. Inside debug mode i see that the on-pcb mcu works because i see changed variable values as expected.


When I try to blink a led to see pgio functionality code variables work as expected but pcb doesn't work.


I have checked the pcb's pins that are the same of the processor pins.


I have some questions and any help would be very valuable.


I have read the datasheet but didn't clear things up.


1. What is the best practice for programming an empty chip on pcb?


2. Is debugging from another dev board with swd connector a good practice to program chip on pcb?


3. Does initial programming of an empty chip have anything to do with ISP boot mode?


4. Do i have to set pin p2_7 low at start every time or only if i want to enter some isp boot mode?



Maybe the questions don't make much sense but I would really like a map of how someone can program an empty chip.



Thanks in advance!