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S12ZVC HVI input voltage range and setting

Question asked by daehyeon kim on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2016 by Radek Sestak



I'm considering using HVI pin for wake-up function. the input voltage of the wake-up signal would be 12~14V

I have a few question for it..


1. is it needed to be a digital input to detect a wake up signal (DC 12V)?


2. in the datasheet, the structure of internal pull down resistor is this..

[Figure 2-37]

HV supply(12V) ----------- [ 10K ] ----- [ HVI pin ] ------ [ 40K ] ------  [  610K / 1050K  ] -----GND

                                 l                                                                 l

                               SW ------ GND                                        Digital in


simply calculated this regarding as voltage divider, in case of the variable resister is 610K,

Digital in is 11.1V and 1050K, 11.454V..

this is not a mcu voltage level.. is this the right way for designing HVI?

if this is wrong, how to calculate this?


extra) if you have a example source for HVI or know where it is, please notiy me..


thank you