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MCR20A: What are precise configurations of registers

Question asked by xue liu on Oct 27, 2016
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I have got a Freedom Development Board for MCR20A Wireless Transceiver and I start to learn the source code and datasheet of this chip. But I found the description of certain registers in the reference manual (Rev. 3, July 2016) is not clear. e.g.,

1. PA_POWER (23h): In reference manual p.42 there is only a figure 3.9 to show the relation of PA_PWR step and TX_PWR. But the lower bound and higher bound of TX_PWR is not clear. According to the reference manual, "Programmable output power from –35 dBm to +8 dBm at the SMA connector, no trap". But -35 dBm is not shown in this figure. So I would like to know the precise corresponding TX_PWR to every valid value in register PA_POWER.


2. Indirect_Modem_CCA1_THRESH (22h) and Indirect_Modem_CCA2_THRESH (27h): There is 0~255 total 256 valid values in this register. Does it mean they support threshold from -255dBm to 0dBm ?


Thank you


Xue Liu