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Spice models are not working for PBSS4130PANP and BCM856BS

Question asked by Chris Darrow on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by Radu-marian Ivan

My customer downloaded the spice models for PBSS4130PANP and BCM856BS from the NXP website. But both of the models are not working in their modeling tool. Are there updated spice models available? The PBSS4130PANP spice model shows a date of 3/22/2013 on the NXP website ( but inside the spice model, it shows an "Extraction date (week/year): 43/2012" - Is this the lastest model?


And for the BCM856BS, the NXP website shows a date of 7/22/2012 ( but inside the spice model it shows an "Extraction date (week/year): 47/2005" - Again, is this the latest model?