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stuck kl43 SLCD

Question asked by Andrew Pikul on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

We're trying to set up the SLCD controller bit by bit on the KL43 (we're using the FRDM board). We've turned on the SLCD clock and we've set up the SLCD registers properly (I think). The clock is left at the default to use the internal oscillator and then we turn on the PAD_SAFE, and then set the control to an internal 1 V reference on Vll1 w/ charge pump etc. We enable some pins and write some waveform registers.



Just to see if it works, we probe Vll1,2, and 3 and, besides not seeing any lcd waveforms, see that vll2 discharges like a capacitor upon contact with our scope probe.


We have not touched the PCR registers because the default setting seems to be correct.


Are we missing something?