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QorIQ T1040 Low Power Modes

Question asked by Kayli Doll on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by ufedor

Hello all,


I am working with the T1040 and I cannot figure out how enter LPM20 (sleep) or deep sleep mode via software.


Simply setting the POWMGTCSR[LPM20_REQ] to 1 seems to reset the device.  I also tried putting all the cores into PH15 before attempting to sleep but the disabling of the cores by the COREDISR register does not allow for any more code to run.


To enter Deep sleep, I tried the entry instructions in the reference manual as well as the instructions on the page 11 of the QorIQ Power Management Whitepaper (below) but still did not have any luck.



Also, I will NOT need to wake up the device after, so powering it off would be best but I haven't seen any documentation about that.


Any information or help is greatly appreciated, thanks!