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JTAG RCW override has no effect

Question asked by Artem Epishkin on Oct 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by Sinan Akman


I am overriding an RCW on the T1040RDB evaluation board via CodeWarrior TAP in order to be able to control the ASLEEP LED. Here is the contents of my JTAG configuration file:

T1040 (2 1) (210001 0x080a000a) (210002 0x0a000000) (210003 0x00000000) (210004 0x00000000) (210005 0x11000002) (210006 0xc0000100) (210007 0xfbc00000) (210008 0x21000000) (210009 0x00200000) (210010 0x00000000) (210011 0x00000000) (210012 0x00004000) (210013 0x00000000) (210014 0x5557ff00) (210015 0x00000000) (210016 0x00000000)

As you can see it is a hard-coded 9E RCW with the ASLEEP bit set to GPIO. I can confirm with CodeWarrior that these values are correctly stored  in DCFG_CCSR_RCWSRn registers. And I can successfully step through the code in the debugger.

The problem is: I can't toggle the LED with this setup. It looks like setting RCW[ASLEEP] to GPIO mode has no effect. The same RCW works as expected (LED blinks) when loaded from SPI-flash.

What could be the reason of such behavior? Is it unsupported to override RCW with anything other than hard-coded options?