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i.MX6UL NVCC_xxx power domains

Question asked by Forum User on Oct 26, 2016
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i've got two questions regarding the use of the various NVCC_xxx power domains.


1. Is each ball in a fixed power domain?

Assuming the following situation:

- NVCC_UART @ 3.3V

- NVCC_CSI @ 1.8V

- UART3_RX_DATA and UART3_TX_DATA mapped to CSI_DATA0 and CSI_DATA1 (ALT3)

Would this result in an 1.8V UART on balls E3 and E4 (14x14mm package)?


2. Can the NVCC_xxx voltage be changed on the fly?

I would like to connect a module that provides an external I/O voltage when turned on, can i use this voltage to supply NVCC_xxx?


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