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MKV31 switching power modes and clock frequencies

Question asked by renatodutra on Oct 25, 2016

When the microcontroller starts the frequency of operation (core) is set to 95.9774 MHz using the internal reference clock (32.768 kHz).
In order to store non-volatile information to the microcontroller, the last segment of the flash memory is used, and the power mode is switched from HSRUN to RUN with a core frequency of 62.9MHz. The writing to the flash memory is successful and then the microcontroller is switched back to HSRUN, however the core frequency instead of going back to 95.9774 MHz it goes to 83.88 MHz.

To set RUN mode:

powerModeConfig.powerModeName = kPowerModeRun;
SMC_HAL_SetMode(SMC, &powerModeConfig);

To set HSRUN mode:

powerModeConfig.powerModeName = kPowerModeHsrun;
SMC_HAL_SetMode(SMC, &powerModeConfig);


g_defaultClockConfigRun and g_defaultClockConfigHsRun configuration attached (both generated by processor expert)


Any idea why the HSRUN frequency is not returning to 95.9774MHz?

Any help appreciated. 



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