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Update the Software Content Register for KBOOT v2

Question asked by Kevin Luty on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Kevin Luty

In the next update/release, can the "SW_Content_Register_Kinetis_Bootloader.txt" be updated?  The file paths for the packages found in said file are nonexistent, so trying to track down which packages I'm actually using isn't intuitive.  This is important when trying to determine what open source license I need to adhere to. Namely these packages: 


Host tools - devsupport

KinetisUpdater.exe - Async Commands support

KinetisUpdater.exe - Behaviors support



Lastly, could you tell me what the "" file is used for/with?  I didn't see it being used in the KinetisFlashTool or bootloader.eww projects.