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emWin Initialization for GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR driver

Question asked by fei yan on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by Kerry Zhou



I am working on the emWin GUI lib. My mcu is lpc1837, my lcd driver chip is ssd2119, the screen size is 320*240, the lcd interface is a 8088 8-bits bus. So I use the GUIDRV_FLEXCOLOR_F66714 driver. The emWin lib version is V5.36.


this is the bus/cache configuration function.



When the GUI is initialized, I traced the bus write call back functions. I found the following registers are written by the GUI lib.

REG11H<- 0x0030   //this is not good

REG44H<- 0xEF00

REG45H<- 0x0000

REG46H<- 0x013F

REG4EH<- 0x0000

REG4FH<- 0x0000


I have written the register 0x0011 with a value 0x6270 in the _InitController function. The gui lib will write it again. According to the SSD2119 datasheet, 0x0030 is not a good value for this register. It makes the LCD screen not work normally.


This is a bug in the emwin lib? or it is my configuration error?


Thank you