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flash tools wont work on s12zvmc128 with P&E Multilink

Question asked by Clemens Gruenberger on Oct 25, 2016

Hi there,


I use:

    - CodeWarrior for MCU
     Version: 10.6.4
     Build Id:150416

with an

P&E Multilink Universal RevC Debugger.


Now i want to use the secure flash option.

If i download my firmware with via Debug or Run, all works fine. I get a notice that the device is secure and to unlock i need to erase. Works like a charm.


As soon as i try to program that lovely cpu with CodeWarriors integrated flash tool, i get an error (see attachment).

I use the same connection as in the run configuration. It does not make any difference if secure the firmware or not. Flash tools simply wont work!


Also i have not found out yet were CW does save the connection properties.


Any help would be welcome.


Kind Regards


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