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Safety issue of MPC5746R

Question asked by Qiao Deng on Oct 25, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2016 by Peter Vlna

Hi All,

     I want to use the MPC5746R to achieve ASIL-D level of ISO26262, but I almost have no idea about how to do the redundant design now,both hardware and software. The datasheet told me that MPC5746R is designed to achieve

ASIL-D, so how should I configure these safety modules like FCCU and STCU to fulfill this, and which of them is necessary?  

      Also in terms of hardware, the method I can think of is to assign the necessary hardware resource  to the two different  peripheral bridges(e.g. I need a CAN, so I use FlexCAN_0, on peripheral cluster A, and FlexCAN_1, on

peripheral cluster B together). Is this a kind of redundant design? Is there any better method or any manual I can 

reference to?