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issue booting from network with u-boot on RIotBoard

Question asked by Jean-Yves RIOT on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by Jean-Yves RIOT

Hi all,



I am using a Riotboard and I created a complete BSP with buildroot version 2016.05 with success.


I flashed the images (u-boot, the dtb file, kernel image and tarball) successfully with MfgTool2 on eMMC media.

The board startup successfully, at this part the configuration is ok for me.


After that I would like to start in network mode, so I created an NFS server on my virtual machine.

The u-boot version I used is the default version proposed by buildroot -> 2015.10


I set these environment variable for u-boot:

ethaddr, ipaddr, serverip, netmask

=> note the there is a first issue with saveenv because after a reset the u-boot won't start.


when I type run netboot or ping and address I have this message:

ARP Retry count exceeded


I tried many version of the u-boot with the same environment. Finally with u-boot.2013.04 I can ping and start from network. This asserting that my configuration for NFS and network is correct (I use fixed IP addresses). But the version 2013.04 of u-boot make many timeouts during tftp transfers.


My question is: what is missing in the recent version of u-boot, example 2015.10 to let the network functioning?


Thanks for you help, there is a long time I try to resolve this issue, I net to make developments on the Riotboard and flashing each time is not a quick process to me.