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Kinetis FRDMK82F and Arduino Communication

Question asked by Speedy Speedy on Oct 22, 2016

Hello NXP community,


I am trying to connect a FRDMK82F board (slave) with an Arduino 101 (master) using SPI. The Arduino can send its information to the FRDMK82F reliably without errors (always correct). However, the information sent by the FRDMK82F (received by the Arduino) is always wrong, e.g. 0x97 becomes 0x80.


I have tried changing the clock polarity and phase of both the master and the slave to no avail. I used the driver examples from SDK_2.0 FRDM-K82F (particularly "dspi_interrupt_transfer.c") as a reference and the SPI library from Arduino.


Can you help me? Is there some kind of compatibility issue with the Arduino boards?

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