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In IMX6 Sabre lite how to change pinmux configuration & pin usage(output mode or input mode) in uboot level

Question asked by sumanth g on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2016 by sumanth g

In uboot i want to assign a MX6_PAD_EIM_D22__GPIO3_IO22 | ID_PAD_CTRL   as a ouput mode so it can supply 3.3v output 

How to configure this


#define ID_PAD_CTRL (PAD_CTL_PKE | PAD_CTL_PUE |            \
        PAD_CTL_PUS_47K_UP  | PAD_CTL_SPEED_LOW |               \
        PAD_CTL_DSE_80ohm   | PAD_CTL_SRE_FAST  | PAD_CTL_HYS) */

unable to configure this as the output mode to supply 3.3v from this pin,