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Problem using IntFLASH with 9S08

Question asked by Mike Sorenson on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2016 by ZhangJennie

Does anyone have an example using the Processor Expert IntFLASH bean with a 9S08 microcontroller?  I have been trying to use it with a MC9S08MM32A and have a strange problem.  I am able to write to flash, and verify the memory has changed (in debug), but when I power down and back up, my microcontroller hangs.  I have a timer interrupt that blinks an LED once per second and it never blinks after the first write and reboot.


I allocated my section of flash at 0xE000 with a size of 0x1000  by reducing the size of the ROM section at 0xC000 to 0x2000.  I have also found that I can call the IFsh1_EraseSector() function and IFsh1_GetByteFlash() function without a problem, but if I call IFsh1_SetByteFlash() it will cause the problem.


This happens just by changing a single byte at 0xE100 from 0xFF to 0x00,  I can't see any other bytes in memory that have changed from my one function call.


Thanks in advance!