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Help with exception handling on MC13224 and IAR Tools

Question asked by George Wicks on Oct 21, 2016



For another product, we are using the MC13224 along with the IAR toolset.

The board works well for the most part, BUT on occasion we do experience a lockup. The lockup occurs randomly without a cause and effect.

As a consequence, we are attempting to add more code instrumentation to try and find out more information. One of the areas that caught my attention, was the Exception processing in the Init-IAR.s module: I can't quite be sure, but it looks as though it is not complete. It looks like that user application code needs to be developed for it, but there is no documentation in the IAR website. I'm hopeful that someone experienced with this area might be able to provide some light on this area for me.



George Wicks


P.S> I will attach the Init-IAR.s module for reference 

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