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SDMA to EIM fpga test on 6sl linux 3.0.35

Question asked by jayakumar2 on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by rui guo


I'm using a 6sl board with linux 3.0.35. I have an FPGA connected via EIM using CS1. I'm able to talk to the FPGA using regular host memory read/writes using mmap of /dev/mem physical address 0x0C00_0000 (CS1). I see the 6sl generate the expected EIM cs1 and read/write cycles. So that part is working fine and I'm very happy with that.


So I would like to progress to using SDMA to improve performance. I have been experimenting using drivers/char/mxc_sdma_memcopy_test.c. In particular, I'd like to get host-to-fpga DMA (memory to device transfer) working. So I followed the example code and tried to modify it as follows:



dma_cap_set(DMA_SLAVE, dma_m2m_mask);
m2m_dma_data.peripheral_type = IMX_DMATYPE_MEMORY;


I chose IMX_DMATYPE_MEMORY since I believe host memory to EIM memory target is memory type transaction. I have not tried other options like IMX_DMATYPE_EXT , IMX_DMATYPE_FIFO_MEMORY since I'm not sure they apply. Please let me know if I should try those.


m2m_dma_data.priority = DMA_PRIO_HIGH;

dma_m2m_chan = dma_request_channel(dma_m2m_mask, dma_m2m_filter, &m2m_dma_data);


wbuf = kzalloc(SDMA_BUF_SIZE, GFP_DMA);


dma_m2m_config.direction = DMA_MEM_TO_DEV;
dma_m2m_config.dst_addr = 0x0C000000;
dma_m2m_config.dst_addr_width = DMA_SLAVE_BUSWIDTH_2_BYTES;
dmaengine_slave_config(dma_m2m_chan, &dma_m2m_config);

sg_init_table(sg, 1);

sg_set_buf(&sg[0], wbuf, SDMA_BUF_SIZE);

ret = dma_map_sg(NULL, sg, 1, dma_m2m_config.direction);

dma_m2m_desc = dma_m2m_chan->device->device_prep_slave_sg(dma_m2m_chan,sg, 1, dma_m2m_config.direction, DMA_TO_DEVICE);

dma_m2m_desc->callback = dma_m2m_callback;


dma_unmap_sg(NULL, sg, 1, dma_m2m_config.direction);


In above, I hardcoded dst_addr as 0x0C00_0000 because that's the physical address for the EIM CS1 target. When I try this, the sequence seems to execute as expected (completion seen as shown by debug output below) but on the EIM bus I do not see CS1 assert or any activity occur. That's the part I have not been able to figure out. I'm not able to get any activity out on the EIM bus using SDMA.


sdma_write:235 submitting for dma
sdma_write:238 waiting for completion
in dma_m2m_callback
sdma_write:278 count=2


Full source of the test is attached.


I am hoping to find a working example of SDMA host memory to EIM for 6sl 3.0.35 (or similar). If anyone has any debug suggestions or advice, I'd be very grateful!



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