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Using blfwkdll from C# application

Question asked by Kevin Luty on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2016 by Kevin Luty

I plan on using PInvoke in my C#.NET application to call methods in the blfwkdll.dll.  The end goal is to integrate the most basically functionality of the KinetisFlashTool into the C# application.


I've come here to ask if the PInvoke signatures are already known and can be provided, or/and if a C# app has been created that demonstrates using PInvoke to call blfwkdll.dll.  It would end up saving a lot of time if this information was easily available.  


Additionally, since we'll be using the blfwkdll.dll in our C# project, can you tell me, in short, what I need to include with my application when it is deployed?  Do I just need to provide a license.txt, or are there other requirements that need to be met as well.