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S12ZVC HW design for CAN & ADC

Question asked by daehyeon kim on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by Radek Sestak

Dear sir,


I have a question about the CAN, ADC hardware design for S12ZVC MCU.

actually, this is my first time to use this MCU. I didn't receive yet and need to design HW before that.


accordiing to the datasheet and the hardware design guide document, S12ZVC has an internel voltage regulator.

on the datasheet, the voltage source for the voltage regulator(VSUP) can be 12V/18V.

this pin is connected to the other power source pins through the base control external PNP transistor(BCTL)

so, I think that the rest of power pins such as VDDX, VDDA, VDDC will be 12V/18V also like VSUP.

but VDDA is for ADC, VDDC is for on-chip CAN transceiver,

datasheet said that it needs 5V on VDDC. also, VDDA is the reference high voltage for ADC.

if this is not, do we need an additional voltage regulator for this?

I attached the one part of the hardware design guide on here.

Thank you.