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Using Processor Expert (RAppID Suite) with S32 DS on the MPC5777M

Question asked by Eric Karr on Oct 19, 2016
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I am developing for the MPC5777M with S32 Design Studio. I am using Processor Expert Software - RAppID Suite v10.2.1 for processor initialization. I am inquiring how these two programs should be used together. In the past, processor expert has been integrated into Code Warrior, but Code Warrior does not support Power PC architecture processors. Here is my understanding of the separate programs, and where I have a loss as to how to use them together:


  • S32 DS creates three projects, one for each programmable core on the MPC5777M, where the code responsible for running on each core is placed in the respective project. 
  • Processor expert creates a single project of which you can setup the clocks, peripherals, etc. on the MPC5777M. When you're satisfied with the configuration settings, you can generate the code through the 'Project > Generate Processor Expert Code' tab in the program. A folder structure with static code, generated code, and folders for other required source are created. All of the generated files contain the required assembly for processor init, C source files, peripheral and core initialization C code, as well as a single linker and make file. There are also many code files that are meant to run on core 0, 1, or 2.


As the user, how am I expected to treat these tools? Here are my ideas thus far:

  • Compile the project in Processor expert to generate an ELF file, or three, of which I could flash to the MPC5777M? Although, I would lose my ability to debug code in the S32 DS interface.
  • Manually pick and place files from Processor Expert into S32 DS? If so, wouldn't I require three separate linkers (which contain core specific addresses) and makefiles to align with the three projects in S32 DS? 
  • Import an existing S32 project into PE? 'File > Other > Processor Expert > Enable Processor Expert for Existing C Project'? If so, then back to my first two questions, how do I best integrate this code into S32 DS?


I have attached two images with the respective programs project hierarchal differences. Are there any plans to integrate Processor Expert into S32 DS? It just seems as though the project generated by PE is meant to be used a single project, where as S32 DS has a project for each core.


Thank you kindly for your help in the matter.