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Core Time Base Clock Configuration (T2080, RCPM)

Question asked by Bernhard Sputh on Oct 19, 2016
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I'm currently in the process of porting our RTOS to the T2080, to be precise the T2080RDB. While implementing the driver for the periodic ticker, for which I use the e6500-core's decrementer circuit (as every core will have it's own ticker), I stumbled across determining of the time base clock, the documentation [1] appears to be unclear with respect to what is happening inside the RCPM:

- Page 2315: RCPM_PCTBCKSELR selects the clock source for each core's time base. Which can either be the RTC clock or the Platform Clock divided by 16.

- Page 2316: RCPM_TBCLKDIVR provides the clock divider for the core time base. Which offers the divisions of 8, 16, 24,  or 32.


Unfortunately, the documentation does not show a diagram that shows the clock distribution / processing path inside the RCPM. Thus my question is whether the RCPM_TBCLKDIVR is always part of the equation? Thus if I select the Platform Clock /16 as time base clock, then this clock will at least be divided again by a factor of 8 by the RCPM_TBCLKDIVR, and thus the resulting time base clock I can get for the timer is Platform Clock / 128.


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[1] QorIQ T2080 Reference Manual, Rev. 2, 02/2016