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not able to use USBD mass-storage on LPC1778

Question asked by manfred wallner on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2018 by John McCabe

I tried to use USBD Mass-storage on LPC1778 by adapting project-example 'usbd_rom_msc_sdmmc' of lpcopen 2.18, lpcxpresso lpc1837.

Actual read files from SD-Card-Interface on LPC1778 over USB (Host Windows PC) works normal, but any try to write data on SD-Card only generates corrupt data on SD-Card.

Finally I found possible reason at field 'uint8_t BulkStage' (in struct 'USB_MSC_CTRL_T', in file 'mw_usbd/mw_usbd_mscuser.h'), it's only read by user program, but possible never changed by 'usbd_177x_8x_lib'.


Is any documentation available how to use field 'uint8_t BulkStage' here for my application ?