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We are using LS1043A in our System. I need to Set the RCW configuration for 509-511 (HWA_CGA_M2_CL K_SEL) Hardware accelerator block cluster group A Mux 2 clock select.

Question asked by Logesh S on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by ufedor

We are using SD card, and for running that we have decided to use the Platform Clock through the register ESDHCCTL[PCS]. 


1. Now what value should i select in this field RCW[HWA_CGA_M2_CLK_SEL]?


2. If in case we wanted to use the Peripheral clock then i have another doubt. In the QorIQ LS1043A Reference Manual, Rev. 1, 08/2016 in RCW configuration of 509-511 (HWA_CGA_M2_CLK_SEL) two illustrations were explained with eSDHC and eSDXC. In both illustration Net Result frequency is obtained after dividing by 6. Does this 6 corresponds to 7-4(DVS), Base Clock divisor explained in SYSCTL_ESDHCCTL_CRS_0? or Say I'm running my PLL2 at 1.5GHz Explain me how to achieve 50MHz for SD card operation?