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Download KMS .OUT TO kv31 flash ,but error

Question asked by mack kan on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by Philip Drake

 Hi team

I want to use KMS to kv31 ESC,debug have some questions.

one is this

    Download IAR FRDMKV31F_SNLESSVEL_IAR.OUT to FRDM-KV31F ,It run  ok. When download to my kv31 board,it run error. I have check all pin voltage.,it is same as FRDM-KV31F. Bebug my board ,it fly at " v->nonClearableFaults.bits.secureMotorObserverRomIdFault = !GetMotorObserverSecureVersionIsCompatible();
v->nonClearableFaults.bits.secureSpinTACRomIdFault = !ST_getSecureROMIsCompatible();" position. then it goto HardFault_Handler . all debug do not have any load .Further testing ,disconnect all pins except Clock and Power .but
 when I download KSDK_1.3.0 example ,it run ok . 

    How can I do for this error.


other one

    when I download    .out to FRDM-KV31F by IAR ,and then use KMS IDE to connect .that is ok.But when  I want load by KMS, load Application Image  ,It have this error

   How can I do for this error.