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Connect multiple peripherals to Flexbus through FPGA

Question asked by Matthew Lang on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by Hui_Ma



I have a question about the NXP Flexbus on the Kinetis MCUs. I would like to connect the MCU to an FPGA through a high speed bus that is addressable in the MCU.


I would like to make custom peripherals for the MCU to access and extend the MCU ram and flash. How much support is there for this? Can this be done? I'm only wanted slave devices on the bus.


My question is:

* Is there good HDL support already out there for this? HDL to connect MCU to FPGA and HDL to connect peripherals to the flexbus internal to the FPGA?

* Are there HDL for many peripherals to connect to the bus in the FPGA?

* Is there support for existing Xilinx IP? Specifically all the peripherals that are available for the MicroBlaze? 


In my head I'm picturing something like this. Is this what the flexbus is for?