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Encountered a problem on the RTCS and MQX.

Discussion created by jet li on Oct 18, 2016
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In my project, I encountered a problem:

In Kinetis K66,my board with a 16MB SDRAM,I need change ram pool to SDRAM, so I use this code at the first task:


_mem_pool_id test_id , old_id ;
test_id = _mem_create_pool((void *)0x08000000,(_mem_size)0x00A00000);  //10MB
old_id = _mem_set_default_pool(test_id);


so , I can use function "malloc" in my project allocate memory at address 0x08000000;

but, I encountered a problem use this with RTCS , when i set SDRAM address at "0x70000000", "0x80000000","0x88000000", RTCS working properly , but when I  set SDRAM address at "0x08000000", RTCS will not working properly,but the rest of the system work all normal。


ps:MQX and RTCS version is 4.2.0