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MPC5777C  CMU output to signals to FCCU and INTC

Question asked by JONGMIN NA on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by David Tosenovjan

Dear Everyone,


Most of all, Thanks NXP guys for quick answer.

NXP Engineers' answers are very helpful to me.



Question 1 : I want to implement clock monitoring for MPC5777C(3N45H)

So I've studied MPC5777CRM and I found useful section 19.13.4 CMU output signals to FCCU and INTC (809page).

However, I have additional question about them.


The output signals of the CMUs are connected to the FCCU and CMU Interrupts.

I want to know correlation between CMU ISR and FCCU.

In other words, I want to configure only the FCCU. I don't want to use CMU ISR.

Is it possible?

I worry that If I don't configure CMU ISR, FCCU also doesn't work well.


Question 2: How can I make Clock fault forcibly. such as loss of clock or lock of lock, so on.

I alreday know FCCU fault injection and I tested that works well. I want to know other method for validation of clock monitoring.


Please give me advice.