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Not able to boot MPC8309TWR board through SD card

Question asked by jiten patel on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2018 by Akhilesh Chidare
Hi all, 
We are working on MPC8309TWR board. We need to boot the board using SD card. 
Following are the changes we did for sdcard boot :-
Hardware specific:-
1) Modified switch settings of tower board to SW8(OB_BOOT)=1, that will make BOOT_CFG[0:3]=[1:1:0:1] for esdhc boot
2) Above step will put MPC8309 tower board to hard-coded RCW, boot from eSDHC (in this mode no RCW word required)
BSP specific (These changes are mentioned in the document ):-
1) Added macro to enable ramboot (CONFIG_SYS_RAMBOOT) 
2) Changed TEXT_BASE to 0x1000000 (ram address)
3) Also changed IMMR address (#define CONFIG_SYS_IMMR     0xFFF00000)
4) compile uboot and used uboot.bin file
5) now configuration file used for format sdcard is taken from the link provided by ufedor ( )
6) used bootformat utility to format the sd card (./boot_format cfg_file_sd_mpc8309.DAT u-boot.bin -sd /dev/sdb)
Still we are not able to boot from SD card. Is there anything missing from the above configuration. How can we debug the sdcard boot method.