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CW5.1 / 5.2: automated compile / build / make (commandline?)

Question asked by Alexander Buergel on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by Alexander Buergel

Hello everybody.

First of all, i need to admit that I am not a native SW engineer, therefore it might be possible I use the wrong technical vocabulary in my question.


We use CW5.2 for our projects with HCS12X-MCUs with "standard suite" license.

Is it possible to run the compiler for HCS12 and XGATE projects from a command line or batch script? I mean: is it possible to somehow "automate" the whole process of generating the binary files (.s19 and .abs) files from the source code files (.c and .h) for a codewarrior project without manually opening CW and manually clicking the "build" button?


Thank you a lot and best regards,