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FRDM-KL27Z USB Device CDC on Windows 8/10 and USB Host for serial adapters

Question asked by micaelsantos on Oct 18, 2016
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I'm having two problems with the FRDM-KL27Z board which I can't find a solution so far.

The first issue is with board example "usb_device_cdc_vcom", it seems to work well on windows 7 but I can't make it work on windows 8/10 (which is what most people use nowadays). I already installed the unsigned driver supplied on the example and managed to get a new serial port, even though I can open the port there is no character echo. After debugging the code the problem seems to be in the variable "s_cdcVcom.startTransactions" which is never set to 1. Do I need a special driver to make it work? It looks to me like an OS driver problem and not on the microcontroller, but I can't find any workaround to solve the problem.


Another question is if it's possible to use the microcontroller "MKL27Z64VLH4" in USB host mode. I could only find examples for USB devices in the sdk. the device doesn't support USB host mode?


Thanks in advance for the help