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i.MX6/Phytec: No version of created

Question asked by Pat Sandt on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by Pat Sandt

I want to output a png file to the HDMI on my custom board that is significantly derived from SabreLite. I have a Phytec module with the iMX6 Quad core on it.

I've been told that I cannot use fb.h nor ipu.h because they are not supported directly by Phytec. I've also been told that I must use EGL. All my EGL calls are working, but it seems I need gl to perform any useful work. (Actually, I'm hoping to use glDrawPixels.)

My bitbake recipe for the project uses CMake to build. I have included EGL & GLESv2, but glClearColor and all other "gl" things remain undefined (unlinked). I've tried to add FreeGLUT, but when I try to build it, libGL (part of building libGLU) is not found. Please note, I'm not saying that the symlink is non-existent. NO version of libGL exists under any name. (runtime links exist).

I have tried to get it "for free" by building mesa, but that builds without creating any files.

Anyone who knows the magic trick should reply.