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afe resolution of MKM34Z256**

Question asked by Manfred Eggersdorf on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by Martin Mienkina


I need for a measurement application the 24bit ADC of the MKM34Z256. I use for the first steps the demo code "afe_qtimer" on a TWR-KM34Z EVM - and are a bit confused about the resolution of the ADC.


I disabled the PGA and connected SDADP with the SDADM Pin of the used channel have put the polling of the ADC into a  loop and looked to the results.

Decimator Oersampling Ratio is set to 2048 - Startupcount like the demo 80U.


The ADC results looks like the least 8..9 bits are noise? That means, that from 24 bits only 15..16 bits are usable?


What could be the reasons?


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