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Compatibility issues and missing peripheral source files in NFC Example Libraries...

Question asked by argiristheopoulos on Oct 18, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by argiristheopoulos


I am using NFCReaderLibraryforCLEV663BIcodeOnly-3.092_R1 library in a RFID project.

Issue No1:

I have succesfully implement the NfcrdlibEx00_icode example project.

I tried to create my project with wizard, keeping the same project settings as NfcrdlibEx00_icode, but

in debug mode, sort after execution, the programm stucks at  this point


// Processor ends up here if an unexpected interrupt occurs or a specific
// handler is not present in the application code.
__attribute__ ((section(".after_vectors")))
void IntDefaultHandler(void)
{ while(1) {}


in the "cr_startup_lpc175x_6x.c" source file created by the wizard.

The problem solved as I overwrite the contents of the above source file, with those of "cr_startup_lpc17.c" from LPC1769 project. How can I resolve the above issue keeping the original "cr_startup_lpc175x_6x.c" source file?


Issue No2:

I would like to add some uart and furthermore ethernet funcionallity in my project. The most lpc examples are based on  lpc_chip_175x_6x project. In addition, in LPC1769 project (used by NxpNfcRdLib) source files for peripherals do not exist (only header files...). Are there any source files related with LPC1769 Project for periphereals?


Thanks in andvance,