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MPC574xG : questions about FlexCAN time stamp

Question asked by Neo Jung Employee on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2016 by Neo Jung

Hello Sir,

For the MPC574xG family's FlexCAN time stamp, I have several questions like below.


1. When I set the CAN_0.CTRL2.B.TIMER_SRC, free running timer did not increased, and I confirmed this on our EVB. I set this bit field in freeze mode. Is there anything that I missed?

2. What is exact meaning of "external time tick" which is described in CTRL2 TIMER_SRC bit field description? is it mean FXOSC? please let me know the details about "external time tick".

3. I can't find CAN_0.CTRL2.B.TIMER_SRC on Laughterbach peripheral register monitor (View--> peripheral). If my PER file is old, would you please share with me the latest PER file for Calypso 6M and 3M family?

4. It seems that only MPC574xG family's FlexCAN has TIMER_SRC bit field. Is it right? Cobra55 and Rainier don't have TIMER_SRC.


Hope to receive any feedback!


Best regards,