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USB OTG in imx6q nitrogen 6x(device mode)

Question asked by girijapretha on Oct 17, 2016
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I am using imx6q nitrogen 6x board working under linux environment.

I want  to make imx6q appear as USB gadget to host PC(linux). To make it work , OTG support is also required.

Once the OTG is enabled I can register any USB gadget function(g_mass_storage, g_serial g_webcam etc.,) to it and use as USB device.

But I dont know which driver to use for enabling OTG. By default chipidea (ci_hdrc_pci) is loaded. Is it the right module for OTG or should I use some other module?

And also which UDC does usb gadget functions depends on.

can anyone please tell me how to do that.