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LPC-Link2 (LPC4370) Multi-Core Debugging Robustness

Question asked by Sabine Pfeifer on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2016 by Sabine Pfeifer

Hello NXP-Community,


currently, I am evaluating the LPCXpresso's robustness in multi-core debugging before starting an actual project based on a LPC43xx MCU.


I'm running into serious trouble when I try to start a debug session on the following projects with a LPC-Link2:

- LPCOpen Blinky Multicore Example (from, running the M4 and M0 from SPIFI

- A new, plain multi-core project using the Project Creation Wizard (LPC43XX Multicore M0/M4), running the M4 from SPIFI, the M0 from RAM


Trouble means, that

a) starting the debug session on the M0 fails sometimes with various errors and sometimes leads to flash locks (see Flash driver operation failed - Program operation failed validation or readback compare )

b) trying to pause execution or restart the M0 via the debug toolbar leads to a freeze of the complete IDE


It seems that there are many pitfalls and that there is no way to get an example out of the box up and running. So my general question is: Is LPCXpresso v8.2.2 considered stable in terms of multi-core debugging?





PS: Please note that I do not want to blame anyone. I'm just trying to find out if LPCXpresso is the right development environment for multi-core debugging the LPX43xx.